Instructional Golf Videos

by ONE CLUB Golf

Golf Instructional Videos at One Club Gulf Shores Golf Course

Bunker Basics

We often find ourselves trying to save par from the sand when we are on the course. The most important factors to hitting bunker shots within par saving range is setup and club selection. A sand wedge with medium bounce (8-10 degrees) is the safest weapon of choice. Ensure that you take a “dollar-sized” divot only a half-inch deep in the sand to limit dispersion of shots.

Rolling the Rock

Everyone knows the most important part of the game is found on the short grass. Proper set up leads to a more consistent stroke, which in return allows for more putts to be holed.

Dropping Bombs

Dropping bombs mean accuracy and power. It starts with proper setup. When swinging the drive, make sure the ball is positioned in line with or just inside the big toe (front foot). As the ball position moves forward so does the shoulders most often. Be sure to keep the midline of the chest square to the middle of your stance. Finally, before the takeaway the trail hip should sink slightly creating a slight tilt in the spine to ensure an upward angle of attack. Let it rip!

Creating Dissociation in your Golf Swing

Dissociation is essential in your golf swing for control and power. Here we have 3 moves to deepen your turn and to better generate speed and control. When your dissociation improves so will your golf game!

Practice Drills 

Do you struggle around the greens? Here is two drills you can throw in your arsenal to lower your scores. The Towel Chipping Drill uses two towels and challenges your accuracy and shot making skills. The Fringe Speed Drill eliminates the focus on line and allows you to single out speed which is a major cause of missed puts. Let’s Get Better Together!

Putting Drills

Consistency plays a major role in making putts. In Drill 1, using an alignment device helps create consistency in your putting stroke. We recommend finding a straighter putt to complete this drill.  Drill 2, the Gate Drill, forces you to understand the importance of starting the ball on line.  If you don’t get it through the gate with the proper speed, you will likely miss the putt. This puts the premium on being able to bring speed and line together at the stroke of a putt.