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Lots to Love About Gulf Shores

Jun 21, 2018

It’s no secret; we LOVE Gulf Shores. The reasons may seem obvious – warm weather, white sand beaches and plenty of golf – but, our affection can’t be contained to only a few choice phrases.
How, and why, do we love Gulf Shores? Let us count the ways.

Pizza is Bae

Like its circular shape symbolizes, our love for pizza has no beginning and no end. There are few things that bring people together like a hot, cheesy pizza!

Less than ten minutes from ONE CLUB, you can satisfy your pizza cravings at The Forge Pizzeria, which was recently named the “Number One New Restaurant in Alabama”. The ranking was all the “buzz” and even made the Food Network’s Snapchat story.

The Forge Pizzeria prides itself on fresh ingredients like mozzarella cheese, sauces and dough made on-site daily. When it comes to pizza, that’s amore!

Birds of a feather

Bird lovers and lovebirds are in the perfect spot! Alabama claims the fifth highest diversity of plants and animals in the United States living on its soil. Humans seeking shelter from brutal winters aren’t the only ones flocking to Gulf Shores. During the winter, over four hundred species of birds pass through while migrating to warmer climates.

Don’t forget to stop and smell and smell the roses, and look up to catch this wonderful annual show!

Plenty of Fish in the Sea

Birds flying high… You know how I feel… Fish in the sea… You know how I feel…

How can a fisherman not fall in love with the 2,448 feet of fishing space along the rails of the Gulf State Park Pier? Alabama fishing licenses, bait and tackle can be purchased on-site.

If you would prefer to stage a perfect Hollywood kiss with your land-living main squeeze, pier admission is $4 for the entire day.

We’ll always love our Mother Earth!

Foley, Alabama isn’t afraid to show it’s love for Mother Earth. Although they couldn’t literally put a ring on it, they showed their commitment by becoming a Tree City which is a nationwide movement for communities to manage and expand their public trees. Trees are easy to love. They reduce erosion, produce oxygen, cut heating and cooling costs, beautify the environment and provide a home to many forms of wildlife.

This isn’t an exclusive relationship. Foley’s Revitalization and Beautification Advisory Board invites everyone to share the love on Saturday, February 24th, at the city’s 37th Annual Celebration of Arbor Day.

Pedal with your partner

You don’t need a bicycle built for two when taking a ride on the Hugh S. Branyon Backcountry Trail. It might sound a bit too lovey-dovey for your tastes, but don’t let that  stop you from enjoying this Gulf Shores must-do!

Eight multi-use trails feature more than fifteen miles of freshwater lakes, coastal wetlands and a forest of pine trees. Humans aren’t the only ones who adore the trail. You may spot a white-tailed deer, bobcat, alligator or bald eagle.

Want to know even more reasons why we adore Gulf Shores? It’s no secret. To us, Gulf Shores is home sweet home.

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