Interested in Pickleball at ONE Club?

Pickleball at ONE Club

Lessons and Clinics for Beginners – Why are the young, middle, and retirees going in droves to pick up Pickleball? Find out how easy it is to learn, how easy it is on the limbs and cardio, how inexpensive it is to play, and how fun and competitive it can be! ONE Club integrates an ongoing program of lessons and clinics to give newbies some lessons and introduction to other players to help you get started.

Experts – We are fortunate to have the County Pickleball Ambassador on our Steering team at ONE CLUB. No where else can you find the expertise and national perspective on this popular fun sport than here at ONE Club.

Open to the Public – It’s a snap to start. Just sign in with the Pro Shop and you can enjoy ONE CLUB facilities.

Under the Lights – No matter what time of the year, it’s always a blast to play Pickleball under the lights. Brand new lights have been installed to give you great flexibility with your schedule.

Sport and Social – Play your new and favorite sport and then walk on over to “45”, a 7 day a week all-day dining and entertainment venue. Lunch, Brunch, appetizers, dinners and drinks are available any day you play. Group reservations and ongoing ‘meet ups’ are also available.

Group Play and Group Reservations – Reserve the courts for your special group in advance.

Group Luncheons – It’s fun to play but we know that Pickleball is for the socially energized so we help you accommodate luncheons after play at “45” Restaurant. More than 4 eating and dining venues, inside and outside overlooking the golf course are favorites for after your play.

Leagues and Lunch – Men and Women open play leagues every week give you a game and competitive outlet with the leisure of lunch and interactions afterwards at “45”.

Pickleball, Fitness and Flexibility – at ONE CLUB, we care about your overall fitness and flexibility. We have workshops throughout the year in our ONE LIFE Fitness facility to introduce you to a sound and doable fitness and flexibility routine with expert instruction and care.

All Sports. One Spot. – ONE Club also has golf, bocce ball, horseshoes, volleyball, night golf, golf driving/ practice ranges (2020) that are open to the public.

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