Pickleball at ONE Club

We are the only public, dedicated day and night-time pickleball courts in the entire Gulf Shores region. ONE Club’s integrated sport and social philosophy at its five-star resort community provides additional experiences and memories for individuals, couples, and groups to enjoy clinics and learning sessions, competitive play, fun date nights, dining, entertainment, drinks as well as other sports and exercise venues all on ONE campus.

What is Pickleball?

The History of Pickleball

Pickleball was created during the summer of 1965 on Bainbridge Island – a short ferry ride from Seattle, WA. The original purpose of the game was to provide a sport for the entire family, according to co-inventors U.S. Congressman Joel Pritchard, William Bell, and Barney McCallum. Pickles was the family dog that would chase after the errant balls and then hide in the bushes, thus Pickle’s ball which was later shortened to the namesake of Pickleball. Pickleball has grown and expanded from a family activity game to a paddle court sport with formalized rules. Now, over 20 years later, Pickleball is played in thousands of school, parks and recreation centers, resorts, and retirement communities.

The Pickleball Ball

A pickleball is similar to a whiffle ball but it is more durable. There is no rules governing what type of pickleball is played indoors or outdoors or the color of the ball. In our experience most people prefer playing outside with the small holed, hard plastic Dura, TOP, or Onix ball and so we’ve come to calling these balls “outdoor” balls.

The Paddle

The paddle is similar to a ping pong paddle in that it is solid and easily maneuverable with a turn of the wrist. The best quality paddles are made of lightweight fiberglass due to their lower weight and higher durability. Two of our most popular items are the Champion Bundle and the Rally Graphite Bundle. Our Pickleball expert, Eddie McDonald, can guide you on selection. He can be reached at Pickleball@oneclubgulfshores.com

The Court

The game itself is played on a court that is the same size as a badminton court (20 feet wide by 44 feet long). The net is set at 36 inches high on the edges and 34 inches in the middle. Pickleball’s small court allows younger players or those with varying degrees of mobility to participate in a way that the larger court of tennis sometimes prohibits. Additionally, a rule prohibiting volleying (hitting the ball in the air) in the non-volley zone (the space 7 feet from the net) helps to equalize play and reduce overpowering smashes at the net.

Getting Started

There are starter kits in the ONE Club Pro Shop and you can email us for any information or speciality selections you would like to order.

The Rules of Pickleball

Serves should always be done underhand with the paddle below the waist, and the server must keep both feet behind the back line when serving. Meanwhile points are scored by the side that serves. Players on each side must let the ball bounce once before volleys are allowed, and there is a seven-foot no-volley zone on each side of the net, to prevent “spiking.” The server continues until he or she faults. The first side to score eleven points and leads by at least two points wins. This game can be played with singles or doubles.

  • Although pickleball is played on a court, the rules of the game more closely resemble table tennis or badminton than traditional tennis.
  • The game begins with one side serving the pickeball, using the paddle to hit the pickleball.
  • To properly serve the ball, the player must keep one foot behind the back line and strike the ball with an underhand swing, aiming at the service court located diagonally over the net, and clearing the no-volley zone.
  • Service starts from the right hand court. Only one fault is allowed.
  • In the case of doubles, both players get to serve once, and then the serve is taken over by the opposing team.
  • Both sides must allow the pickleball to bounce first before hitting it with the paddle at least one time from the start of the game. Thereafter, players may volley the ball (hit it without allowing it to bounce), provided they are not within the no-volley zone within seven feet of the net (marked on the court).
  • A player or team scores points only when they are serving. A pickleball game is played to 11 points and a win must be by two points.
  • Similar to tennis, the following moves are faults in the game of pickleball, which cause a loss of a point:
    • Failing to clear the net.
    • Hitting the ball out of bounds.
    • Volleying the ball from within, or while a foot is in the no-volley zone.
    • Volleying the ball before it has bounced on a first serve or first return

Why Pickleball is the Most Popular Recreational Sport in the US

Enjoyed By People Of All Ages: Your grandparents may be older, but the mean game of Pickleball dominates the competition!

Requires a smaller place than a tennis court: An official Pickleball facility is about 3-4 times smaller than a tennis court. It means longer rallies and occupies less real estate space. The small playing area of the court makes it a great choice for most backyards.

Pickleball has a fun and social aspect to it

Pickleball is downright fun and it is an extremely social sport. Along with socialization the play also promotes resilience and adaptability. Pickle ball facility also provides ample of opportunities for laughter and fun so, a sense of well-being also helps to reduce stress.

An opportunity for spirited competition

On the contrary of fun and social aspect, Pickleball can also quench the competitive thirst for “cutthroat.” Whether you are playing in a USAPA sanctioned event, participating in the senior Olympics or competing against your nemesis, Pickleball presents various opportunities for spirited competition.

Health Benefits: The game has numbers of health benefits to offer like, boosts immunity, revs up energy levels, lowers blood pressure along with strengthens and relaxes muscles. Pickle ball is a sport, which has a primary goal – fun and that’s an extremely healthful objective.

Breaks up the monotony of an solitary exercise routine: Pickleball is a great activity for recreation. It’s a different game from the usual golf or swimming in the morning. It’s more interactive and overall fun!

On the contrary of power, speed and strength, It’s about strategy, patience and placement
This is the only game, where you can have an 15 year old boy, an 65 year old grandfather, a pregnant woman and 10 years old daughter all playing a Pickleball game on the same court together, ALL is having fun. This uniqueness makes Pickleball game so much fun.

Pickleball Open Play, Leagues, and Events

Paddle Play at ONE CLUB - Beginner Clinics

1st Saturday of every month; starting at 9Am to 11AM.

Beginner Clinics
Friday November 1st, 6pm to 9pm
Saturday, Nov 2nd
Saturday, Dec 7th
Saturday, January 4th

Food and Drink specials for Pickleball players afterwards. Based on availability and interest, will add to be 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month in 2020.

Men’s Play
Mondays, 9 to Noon

Court reserved for Men’s Open League. Open Play. Open to Public. Lunch specials at 45 afterwards.

Women’s Play
Thursdays, 9 to Noon

Court reserved for Ladies Open League. Open Play. Open to Public. Lunch specials at 45 afterwards.

ONE Club Ladder League
Details coming soon!
Rock & Roll Pizza & Pickleball Socials

Wed, Nov. 6 Wed, December 4th Wed, January 8th Wed, Southern Rock and Pickleball from 5-8PM. Afterwards, enjoy pizzas, food and fun with Bar 45’s Wednesday Happy Hour and Karaoke night. Once a month, first Wednesdays.

Drink & Date Night

Fri, October 25th Fri, November 29th (Black Friday) Fri, December 20th (1 week earlier due to Christmas holidays) Fri, January 24th Fri, 

Special Season Tournaments

Saturdays Open 4 game min Prizes Figure out entry fee/reg 12/14 – Holiday Tourney – end of 2019 1/18 – Women’s Open Tourney